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Our Meal Packages – Dordogne

Chef's menus 

Starter + main course €23

Main course + dessert €23

Starter + main course + dessert 26.50€ full menu


Warm goat's cheese salad

Périgourdine salad

Main courses

Duck confit

Piece of beef

Porcini omelette

Salmon fillet with basil sauce

Choice of desserts

Liègeois chocolate

Café Liégeois

Pear clafoutis

Crême brulée

Formulas du Terroir

Starter + main course + dessert: €38

Starter + main course or main course + dessert: €34


Home-made duck foie gras with mango compote

Duo of hot & cold foie gras

Aumônière of goat's cheese & Roquefort, caramelized apple and pear

Saint Jean salad

Porcini omelette

Main courses

Butcher's cut of beef

Braised calf sweetbread, Chef's sauce and garnish

Duck breast with vegetables and Chef's sauce / Chef's sauce

Duck leg confit

Fish of the day

Choice of dessert


Red fruit crisp

Chocolate profiteroles

Crème brûlée 

Corolle de Glace 2 flavors

Gourmet coffee

Children's menu under 12

Starter + main course + dessert: €14

Starter + main course or main course + dessert: €11

Choice of



Tomato salad

Main courses

Ham and French fries

Omelette, cheese and French fries

French fries

Dessert au choix / Choice of dessert

Ice cream 2 scoops

Crème caramel

Restaurant Dordogne
Traditional restaurant Dordogne
Restaurant with terrace Dordogne
French restaurant Dordogne
traditional dishes Dordogne

We inform our customers that the ingredients are fresh.

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